В Кракове, в арт-квартире ассоциации «To.pole Asociation», состоялась первая рабочая встреча менеджеров культуры из Украины и Польши. В рамках проекта «ТАНДЕМ» представители Львовского форума издателей и Литературной группировки СТАН, а так же кураторы из «To.pole Asociation» собрались для работы над украино-польским проектом «АРТОДРОМ», который будет реализован в Луганске в мае 2012.

Ewa Hubar делает доклад о работе организации









Кураторы To.pole в процесе дискуссии









Іра Лепська, менеджер Львовского форума в гостях у To.pole


Ewa Hubar готовится к воркшопу по игре на этноинструментах













Карта Польши










Красный уголок To.pole Asociation










рабочее место менеджера культуры

recycle art





















О проекте Tandem — Cultural Managers Exchange

Ukraine — European Union — Moldova


Short description

The project „Tandem“, which was developed by the European Cultural Foundation (www.eurocult.org) and MitOst is carried out together with Centre for Cultural Management Lviv (www.kultura.org.ua), Soros Foundation Moldova (www.soros.md) and Culture Action Europe (www.cultureactioneurope.org). It aims at building new and long-term collaborative relations between select organisations from European Union countries and cultural key players from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

Selected institutions will send one cultural manager each, who will form a tandem with a partner from the Republic of Moldova or Ukraine. Each tandem has the task to plan a joint entry to the concluding festival. Mutual fourteen-day working visits to partner organisations offer participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the environment and cultural practice of organisations in the partner country and get an insight into the cultural scene of the tandem partner’s city, region and country.  The working visits will be completed by joint workshops and evaluation meetings attended by all project participants, creating an opportunity for exchange with other people, in addition to the tandems.

The project will end with a festival each in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in May 2012.


- Meeting of potential project participants during a study trip (Moldova, April 2011; Ukraine, May 2011)

- Joint application of potential tandems for participation in the project by mid-May (Moldova) or mid-June (Ukraine)

- Fourteen-day working visit of Moldovan and Ukrainian participants to the EU; at the beginning and the end of their stay, all participants will attend joint meetings and workshops in Brussels (September 2011).

- Ten-day working visit of participants from EU member countries to Moldova and Ukraine, with joint workshops marking the beginning and end of the stay to be held in Chisinau and Kiev, respectively (February 2012).

- Planning and preparation of the tandems’ festival entries (June 2011 – April 2012)

- Festivals organised in Moldova and Ukraine (May 2012)



- Professional cultural institutions with a minimum of three employees

- Experience in international project work

- Interest in long-term international co-operation and active nurturing of a European cultural network

- Openness to innovations, existing development potential

- Willingness to take part in further fund-raising activities for the festival


- Excellent command of English

- Experienced in international project work

- Participation in all project-related meetings, workshops and activities, as described in the schedule

- Interest in building long-term European working contacts.

- Time to familiarize the tandem partner during the working visit with the cultural scene of the city, region /country and the institution’s way of working.


- Refund of travel and subsistence expenses incurred for all mandatory project meetings

- Workshops held by experienced trainers on capacity building and transnational project work

- Base assistance for co-productions earmarked for the festival

- Advice and support offered by the project management during the entire project period


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